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Service Descriptions

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Adult Developmental Vocational Programs (ADVP) - ADVP programs provide organized developmental activities for adults with developmental disabilities.  Our ADVP programs give individuals the tools they need to live as independently as possible.  Opportunities provided by RHA ADVP programs include daily living/personal care skills, work training & vocational support, community living skills, and leisure activities. 

Anson Children's Center - Previously known as Anson Developmental Day, Anson Children's Center is a unique center-based program for typically developing and special needs children age birth to five years old.  It is a five-star licensed day care center and is ranked in the top 25th percent of North Carolina's childcare centers.

Community Alternatives Program for Children & Adults (CAP/C & CAP/DA) - These are statewide community alternative programs serving children and adults who may have complex medical needs or are at risk for institutionalization in a nursing care facility.  We provide home and community-based coordination services that includes a family-centered approach, a skilled assessment team and individualized care planning.

Clinical Intake/Assessments - Our licensed clinicians perform diagnostic assessments to determine/recommend the appropriate services.

Day Services – Support & VOCA - These services are offered in non-residential settings and are focused on helping individuals reach their highest level of functioning.  Improvements in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills are important goals.  Day supports serve to strengthen the skills learned in school or in physical, occupational, or speech therapies.  Day services may focus on prevocational activities such as improving attention span, motor skills, attendance, and the completion of assigned tasks.

Developmental Therapy - RHA shapes this developmental intervention service to fit the unique needs of each child or adult service user.  Developmental therapy offers instruction and training to assist in the building of skills not acquired during the developmental stages of life.  For children, these activities may include self-help, language and cognitive development, and psychosocial skills.  For adults, areas of focus may include self-care and living independently, learning to navigate one's environment with limited mobility, socialization skills, and self-advocacy. 

Family & Group Living - Sometimes a person with developmental disabilities is unable to live with his or her own family but can still be supported in an alternative family setting.  RHA Family & Group Living services include the option of Alternative Family Living (AFL).  Alternative Family Living enables a person to live in a private home with a family and still receive 24-hour support and habilitation.  A targeted case manager monitors the health and safety of this person while receiving these services. 

Group Homes & Residential Centers - Our group homes and residential centers provide services to children and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities.  We work closely with individuals and their families to make the lives of the people we support as independent as possible with an emphasis on community inclusion. 

Home & Community Supports - These habilitation services are individualized to meet the specific needs of each person as outlined in his/her Person-Centered Plan.  These integrated supports include training, instruction, and supervision and can be delivered in a person's home or in various community settings.  These services are focused on helping individuals build skills that will enable them to function with greater independence.  

ICF/IDD Services - This residential setting is the most structured level of support offered by RHA, with staff on duty around the clock.  These group-homes coordinate health and rehabilitative services and provide training that enables people with developmental disabilities to function at the highest level possible.  RHA operates ICF homes for both children and adults. 

Independent Living - For some people, only minimal support is required; this option allows these individuals to live independently in their own house or apartment with support available as needed.  This residential alternative reflects the flexibility of RHA support services.

Innovations Waiver Program - This program supports children and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities who need assistance to live in their homes as independently as possible.


Long-Term Vocational Supports - The purpose of these services is to help individuals age 16 and over maintain their employment when they no longer need more structured Supported Employment services.  Sometimes people, because of medical or behavioral needs, may require some extra support in their work environment but do not need more intensive vocational services such as help finding a job or learning how to perform the tasks of a job. 

Magnolia Place - Magnolia Place is a supported living environment and a quality vocational training program that allows personal growth and greater independence for students 18 years and older.  This innovative program provides career development through a partnership with WorkSource East Vocational Rehabilitation.

NC START Respite & Team - NC START stands for North Carolina Systemic, Therapeutic Assessment, Respite, and Treatment.  This program offers intervention and community crisis supports for individuals with development disabilities and challenging behavioral health needs.  Each region in the state (East, Central, & West) has two clinical teams that provide 24/7 crisis response and clinical consultation as well as prevention training and crisis planning.  NC START also provides respite services for eligible individuals.  RHA provides NC START services in the Eastern and Western regions of the state. 

Personal Care Services - When individuals need help with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and eating, and care of personal hygiene, our direct care professionals can offer support for these activities.

Private Duty Nursing (PDN) - RHA Home Care Private Duty Nursing is a leader in the support and care of adults and children of all ages that have medical needs requiring in-home support.  We are known for our innovation, commitment to quality and ethics, and most of all, for our holistic approach focused on dignity and community inclusion.

Residential Supports - RHA residential supports are designed to assist individuals in a variety of living arrangements - whether group homes, apartments, or within their own homes.  We offer a wide range of supports and specialized services - everything from assistance with finding appropriate housing, help with daily living activities and coordination of transportation needs, to helping people build the skills they need to find employment and live more independently.

Respite Services - Everyone needs a break now and then.  We understand and can help.  Our respite services allow you to have that night out or afternoon outing without worrying.  RHA respite services are available either at an individual's home or at one of our respite centers.  Through respite services, we offer caregivers temporary relief and rest while ensuring a high level of care provided by skilled and compassionate professionals.

Skilled Nursing - Some of the people we support require specialized care under the supervision of a registered nurse. 

Supportive Employment & Employment Services - RHA offers supported employment to increase job opportunities for people with disabilities.  We are constantly building local and regional partnerships with the business community that can help the people we support find long-term employment.  We can help job seekers find suitable employment, coordinate transportation, and even offer on-the-job support for as long as needed.  

Targeted Case Management (TCM) – Our person-centered TCM services are coordinated to ensure that the people we support gain access to all services that are appropriate to their needs.  TCM services are individualized and comprehensive and include assessment, care planning, referrals for other services, monitoring/follow-up and the development of a crisis plan.

Tar River Center - Located in Greenville, the Tar River Center is a unique pediatric unit for children with complex medical needs providing 24 hour continual medical monitoring and technological support.  This program is a partnership with the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, and a leader in providing state of the art services.

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