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RHA Health Services is committed to providing the very best opportunities and support to the people we serve.  You can help us in our mission!  We value your feedback.  Please take a moment to click here and complete our satisfaction survey.  After completing this survey, please return it in person or by mail to your nearest RHA location.  Thank you!

Our Employees of the Year

RHA Health Services Congratulates its Employees of the Year!


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RHA Learning & Leadership Development



RHA knows we must develop every leader in our organization to support our philosophy of person-centered care.  That is why RHA is building our culture of Caring and Leadership, powered by the timeless principles of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Over 150 RHA leaders have already attended a 7 Habits program.  Our goal is to have every RHA leader attend our 7 Habits for Managers series by July 2015.  That is over 600 executives, administrators, directors, program managers, thought-leaders and front-line supervisors!  This program is being delivered by a multidisciplinary RHA team in 8 cities and 3 states between January 2014 and July 2015. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

1. Be Proactive
2. Begin with the End in Mind
3. Put First Things First
4. Think Win-Win
5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
6. Synergize
7. Sharpen the Saw

The 7 Habits will help RHA leaders with:

1. Resolving Conflicts
2. Setting Priorities
3. Managing Performance
4. Accountability
5. Building Trusting Relationships
6. Getting Things Done
7. Working With Others

The RHA Comprehensive New Employee Orientation includes:

1.      Meeting federal and state requirements

2.      The company’s vision, mission, policies, and shared values

3.      An understanding of the people we support

4.      Worksite-specific training necessary to meet specific job requirements


The RHA strategy for providing Learning & Leadership Development opportunities for all employees includes the following:

1.      Mandatory training for employees providing direct support that commences immediately after hiring and must be completed within the first six months of employment

2.      Training programs to achieve organizational goals

3.      Health, safety, and other training designed to meet or exceed state and national requirements

4.      Encouraging continuous professional development and career planning

5.      Supporting development of the skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of the job

6.      Funding attendance at professional development events such as conferences and seminars

7.      Supporting employees who are working on vocational qualifications or academic programs, and encouraging those seeking professional certification

8.      Setting training schedules to accommodate recertification requirements

9.      Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Learning & Leadership Development programs with a view to continued improvement

10.    Keeping a record of the training received by and certifications required of each employee

Learning and Leadership Development is about more than attending a class, it is about learning in a broader context which often encompasses work-based learning, enabling employees to increase their skills and knowledge beyond the classroom or computer.  This can include:

1.      Participating in programs for the people we support

2.      Learning from survey results and incident reporting

3.      Participating in clinical audit programs and clinical supervision

4.      Shadowing and Coaching

5.      QA Assessments

6.      Involvement in the community


Responsibility and accountability for Learning & Leadership Development of RHA employees is shared by the corporate team, unit, regional and local management, and the employees themselves. Every employee at RHA contributes to and benefits by the Learning & Leadership Development mantra of "Quality Learning for a Quality Life." 

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How To Access Our Services

RHA is a multi-state organization that offers services and supports throughout most of North Carolina and in parts of Tennessee and Georgia.  With such a large service area, we want to make it as convenient as possible for everyone in the communities we serve to access needed services.  There are three easy ways that you can contact us to coordinate services and supports for someone with developmental disabilities:

1)  Follow the link below to visit our Disability Service Locator website.  On this site, you can look up services either by service type or by location where the services are needed.

Are you looking for a particular service in your area?  Click here to visit our Service Locator and find where this service is offered near you.  

2)  Are you an agency or other service provider needing to make a referral for services provided by RHA?  Please click here to download our Application for Admission.

3)  Do you have questions or concerns or would you simply like to learn more about the services and supports RHA offers?  If so, please visit our Contact page to find the RHA location nearest to you. 


Events Calendar & Announcements


June 1, 2016 - Please join us on Wednesday, June 1 for our Ribbon Cutting & Grand Re-Opening of Cape Fear Respite in Wilmington!  We will have refreshments, provide tours of Cape Fear Respite and our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about respite care and why RHA is the best choice for your loved one.  To learn more about respite services at Cape Fear Respite, please click here.

When: Wednesday, June 1 (2:00 - 4:00 PM)
Where: Cape Fear Respite
              RHA Health Services
              202 Dorchester Place
              Wilmington, NC 28412

For more information about our Open House, please click here or call 910-251-6616. We hope to see you there! 



Service Descriptions

Are you looking for a particular service in your area?  Click here to visit our Contact page and find an RHA office near you.  


Adult Developmental Vocational Programs (ADVP) - ADVP programs provide organized developmental activities for adults with developmental disabilities.  Our ADVP programs give individuals the tools they need to live as independently as possible.  Opportunities provided by RHA ADVP programs include daily living/personal care skills, work training & vocational support, community living skills, and leisure activities. 

Anson Children's Center - Previously known as Anson Developmental Day, Anson Children's Center is a unique center-based program for typically developing and special needs children age birth to five years old.  It is a five-star licensed day care center and is ranked in the top 25th percent of North Carolina's childcare centers.

Community Alternatives Program for Children & Adults (CAP/C & CAP/DA) - These are statewide community alternative programs serving children and adults who may have complex medical needs or are at risk for institutionalization in a nursing care facility.  We provide home and community-based coordination services that includes a family-centered approach, a skilled assessment team and individualized care planning.

Clinical Intake/Assessments - Our licensed clinicians perform diagnostic assessments to determine/recommend the appropriate services.

Day Services – Support & VOCA - These services are offered in non-residential settings and are focused on helping individuals reach their highest level of functioning.  Improvements in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills are important goals.  Day supports serve to strengthen the skills learned in school or in physical, occupational, or speech therapies.  Day services may focus on prevocational activities such as improving attention span, motor skills, attendance, and the completion of assigned tasks.

Developmental Therapy - RHA shapes this developmental intervention service to fit the unique needs of each child or adult service user.  Developmental therapy offers instruction and training to assist in the building of skills not acquired during the developmental stages of life.  For children, these activities may include self-help, language and cognitive development, and psychosocial skills.  For adults, areas of focus may include self-care and living independently, learning to navigate one's environment with limited mobility, socialization skills, and self-advocacy. 

Family & Group Living - Sometimes a person with developmental disabilities is unable to live with his or her own family but can still be supported in an alternative family setting.  RHA Family & Group Living services include the option of Alternative Family Living (AFL).  Alternative Family Living enables a person to live in a private home with a family and still receive 24-hour support and habilitation.  A targeted case manager monitors the health and safety of this person while receiving these services. 

Group Homes & Residential Centers - Our group homes and residential centers provide services to children and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities.  We work closely with individuals and their families to make the lives of the people we support as independent as possible with an emphasis on community inclusion. 

Home & Community Supports - These habilitation services are individualized to meet the specific needs of each person as outlined in his/her Person-Centered Plan.  These integrated supports include training, instruction, and supervision and can be delivered in a person's home or in various community settings.  These services are focused on helping individuals build skills that will enable them to function with greater independence.  

ICF/IDD Services - This residential setting is the most structured level of support offered by RHA, with staff on duty around the clock.  These group-homes coordinate health and rehabilitative services and provide training that enables people with developmental disabilities to function at the highest level possible.  RHA operates ICF homes for both children and adults. 

Independent Living - For some people, only minimal support is required; this option allows these individuals to live independently in their own house or apartment with support available as needed.  This residential alternative reflects the flexibility of RHA support services.

Innovations Waiver Program - This program supports children and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities who need assistance to live in their homes as independently as possible.


Long-Term Vocational Supports - The purpose of these services is to help individuals age 16 and over maintain their employment when they no longer need more structured Supported Employment services.  Sometimes people, because of medical or behavioral needs, may require some extra support in their work environment but do not need more intensive vocational services such as help finding a job or learning how to perform the tasks of a job. 

Magnolia Place - Magnolia Place is a supported living environment and a quality vocational training program that allows personal growth and greater independence for students 18 years and older.  This innovative program provides career development through a partnership with WorkSource East Vocational Rehabilitation.

NC START Respite & Team - NC START stands for North Carolina Systemic, Therapeutic Assessment, Respite, and Treatment.  This program offers intervention and community crisis supports for individuals with development disabilities and challenging behavioral health needs.  Each region in the state (East, Central, & West) has two clinical teams that provide 24/7 crisis response and clinical consultation as well as prevention training and crisis planning.  NC START also provides respite services for eligible individuals.  RHA provides NC START services in the Eastern and Western regions of the state. 

Personal Care Services - When individuals need help with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and eating, and care of personal hygiene, our direct care professionals can offer support for these activities.

Private Duty Nursing (PDN) - RHA Home Care Private Duty Nursing is a leader in the support and care of adults and children of all ages that have medical needs requiring in-home support.  We are known for our innovation, commitment to quality and ethics, and most of all, for our holistic approach focused on dignity and community inclusion.

Residential Supports - RHA residential supports are designed to assist individuals in a variety of living arrangements - whether group homes, apartments, or within their own homes.  We offer a wide range of supports and specialized services - everything from assistance with finding appropriate housing, help with daily living activities and coordination of transportation needs, to helping people build the skills they need to find employment and live more independently.

Respite Services - Everyone needs a break now and then.  We understand and can help.  Our respite services allow you to have that night out or afternoon outing without worrying.  RHA respite services are available either at an individual's home or at one of our respite centers.  Through respite services, we offer caregivers temporary relief and rest while ensuring a high level of care provided by skilled and compassionate professionals.

Skilled Nursing - Some of the people we support require specialized care under the supervision of a registered nurse. 

Supportive Employment & Employment Services - RHA offers supported employment to increase job opportunities for people with disabilities.  We are constantly building local and regional partnerships with the business community that can help the people we support find long-term employment.  We can help job seekers find suitable employment, coordinate transportation, and even offer on-the-job support for as long as needed.  

Targeted Case Management (TCM) – Our person-centered TCM services are coordinated to ensure that the people we support gain access to all services that are appropriate to their needs.  TCM services are individualized and comprehensive and include assessment, care planning, referrals for other services, monitoring/follow-up and the development of a crisis plan.

Tar River Center - Located in Greenville, the Tar River Center is a unique pediatric unit for children with complex medical needs providing 24 hour continual medical monitoring and technological support.  This program is a partnership with the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, and a leader in providing state of the art services.

Vocational Rehabilitation


The RHA Strategic Plan


"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"

                                                      - Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D.


Successful results usually begin with two important elements: 1) realistic, well-defined goals and 2) a carefully considered strategy that outlines how to meet those goals.  At RHA, we believe in planning for the success of the people we support, our employees and the communities we serve.  Our goal is "Setting the PACE for Excellence in Supporting People."  Our detailed strategy for meeting this goal and providing the best services and supports for people with disabilities focuses on 4 key areas:

1)  Improving Quality through Innovative Practices and Person-Centered, Customer-Driven Supports

2)  Ensuring Financial Performance and Growth

3)  Promoting Community Integration, Outreach and Hope

4)  Building Local Leadership through Grassroots Advocacy


To Learn More, Click here to read our Strategic Plan for 2012 - 2015

Why Choose RHA?

 Here’s what the people we support, their families and caregivers have to say about the services they received from RHA:


“When we were told our son would need to move from an institution to a group home, we were scared.  Then along came RHA.  Since then, we have been comforted time and time again with the acceptance, love, concern, and respect that we and our son have been given.  Our family has always been welcomed, and our thoughts and concerns have been addressed.”    - Lynn P. Lawrence (parent) 


“Each day with RHA, my son is presented with challenges and training that helps him become a more independent part of society.  He lives in an environment that fosters family life and its responsibilities.  It is his home, where he has his own private time, goes out into the community for recreation, and goes to work five days a week.  He has what we all want for our family member – independence.”  - Dee Reece (parent)


“RHA has been providing services for my son for over 16 years now, and I am very pleased with the company all around.  I would gladly refer any person in need of their services to RHA.”  - Peggy Poovey (parent)


At RHA, we are committed to building an inclusive community for the people we serve through advocacy.  Advocacy can be effective in many forms, not least of which is raising community awareness of the rights of people with disabilities and the many opportunities for growth and achievement that are available to them.  An important part of advocacy is the building of strategic partnerships with others in our communities who care about the people we support.  We are also committed to encouraging the people we serve to become their own best advocates through self-advocacy.  Are you looking for more "grassroots" ways of helping RHA fulfill its mission of providing the best possible futures for people of all capabilities? Below is a list of options for people in our communities who want to serve but aren't quite sure how they can get involved:

       Attend RHA fundraising events.  Have fun while showing your support for the people we serve!  RHA fundraisers are not only for raising money.  By providing enjoyable community events, we hope to engage many others in shaping a better future for people with disabilities.   

       Help sponsor our special events.  The contributions of our event sponsors are crucial to the success of all our outreach and fundraising efforts.  Special events not only help us build the resources needed to continue providing high quality services and supports, they also allow us to raise awareness and build relationships with others in our communities who can provide employment and other opportunities for the people we serve.  

       Keep in regular contact with state legislators and public officials.  Believe it or not, when we speak (whether in person, by mail, email or over the phone), our lawmakers listen!  Tell your representatives in government that you care about the health, dignity and well-being of people with disabilities.  Housing and basic care are not enough.  Everyone deserves a chance to work towards a more independent and successful future!  This is a great way to participate in the political process while helping others. 

       Stay Informed.  Research public policy related websites.  Join policy listservs.  Visit the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) website to find out who represents you and track bills that will impact people with disabilities.  Through the NCGA site, you can find the websites for your elected officials and communicate with them your concerns about policy issues.  Keep track of updates on the website for the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (NC DD/MH/SAS). 

       Donate.  As we continue to face state and federal budget cuts, we as an organization increasingly rely on support from the communities we serve.  No gift is too small.  We appreciate any amount that you can give.  

       Volunteer.  Sometimes a kind word and the giving of one's time can be the greatest gift.  If you would like to volunteer in one of our offices or group homes, please call the RHA office nearest to you to see what kind of community service opportunities are available in your area.

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities


Join us!  If you are interested in volunteer and internship opportunities with RHA Health Services, please contact the RHA office in your area to find out more about how you can get involved in helping people with disabilities lead healthier, more independent lives in their communities.  

Employment with RHA

Do you want to make a difference in a person's life?  RHA Health Services is committed to maintaining a strong, dedicated workforce through innovative recruitment, comprehensive screening and competitive benefits and compensation programs.  Our leadership development and training is specifically designed to develop, retain and reward qualified and professional employees.  The RHA vision is "Setting the PACE for excellence in supporting people."  We are known for providing high quality services, excellent staff training, and opportunities for advancement.  If you are looking for a place to discover your potential, RHA is the place the acheive this.

Join our Talent Network

So much of the work we do depends upon the skills, compassion, and dedication of our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), who enrich the lives of the people we serve every day.  To learn more about how you can become a member of this very important part of the RHA workforce, please click here.

Employee Benefits

RHA offers a competitive benefit package to eligible employees that is aimed at supporting our employees' health and wellness, financial planning, work life balance, and protection from the unexpected.  Benefits include:

  • Medical Insurance (including vision, prescription, and an extensive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Annual Health Screenings
  • Company Paid & Optional Term Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Optional Short Term Disability
  • Aflac Voluntary Benefits
  • Retirement Savings Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Leaves of Absence
  • North Carolina College Savings Program
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Wells Fargo at Work
  • Direct Deposit


Comprehensive Staff Training

RHA Health Services is proud to have some of the best trained employees in the helping industry.  We place a premium on the importance of staff training because we know that the only way the people we support will reach their goals is if our staff is appropriately trained.  If you are changing careers or just starting yours, RHA is a great place for people who want to learn how to be the best at helping others.

Paid Days Off (PDOs)

Full-time employees earn PDO hours.  These are used to cover holidays, vacation, personal time, and time off for short-term illness of the employee or his/her family members.  Time is earned in hour increments each payroll period and is based on years of service.

Medical, Accident & Life Insurance

Medical insurance is available to RHA Health Services employees which includes: chiropractic services and mental health and substance abuse services; a prescription drug card; a mail-order drug program; vision care; prenatal care; employee and dependent accidental death & dismemberment insurance; and dental benefits - including preventative and basic services, major services and orthodontics.

RHA also offers employees additional term life insurance for themselves, their spouse and any unmarried dependent children at low group rates.  RHA employees have access to a voluntary short term disability plan that allows them to purchase coverage to protect their income in the event they cannot work due to an accident or sickness.

RHA Employee Health & Wellness

RHA tries to offer our employees a very competitive benefits program.  Part of our health insurance benefits cover a wellness program - our "Raising Health Awareness" program, which offers options and assistance to employees, family members and the people we support as we all make efforts to improve our overall health and well-being through good nutrition, regular exercise, preventative care and other healthy lifestyle choices.  We support proactive treatment and encourage our employees and their covered family members to participate in these services.  Some of the services covered under the wellness plan include:

Annual Mammagrams
Annual Pap Smears
Prostate Exams
Routine Physical Exams
Well Child Care
Flu Shots
Smoking Cessation Services & Supplies
Weight Loss Services

To learn more about the wellness opportunities available through this program, please click here. 

Learning & Leadership Development

RHA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities and leadership development for all employees because we recognize that our workforce is our most valuable resource.  All Learning & Leadership Development programs align with the company's commitment to our shared values of PACE - Passion; Accountability; Communication; and Ethics - by which we are setting the standard for quality both within RHA and throughout the disability services industry.  Please click here to learn more about the RHA Learning & Leadership Development system.

RHA Health Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

RHA provides equal opportunity in employment to all employees and applicants for employment.  No person will be discriminated against in employment because of race, religion, color, sex (including sexual orientation), age, national origin, disability, military status, pregnancy, or other status or condition protected by applicable state or federal laws, except where a bona fide occupational qualification applies.

Drug-Free Work Environment

RHA Health Services prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, selling, purchasing, or use of drugs, or alcohol while on duty, on-call, operating a motor vehicle or equipment owned or leased by the Company or on any Company-owned or managed property.

Rewards & Recognition Programs

RHA provides several programs to reward and recognize employee performance and service.  Employees are rewarded for outstanding performance, perfect attendance, and for loyal services with the company. "Employee of the Year" recognition highlights outstanding performers.

RHA Commitment to Quality & Ethics


       The RHA Quality Assurance System was established to benefit the people we support, evaluate our programs, and gather feedback so that we can always find ways to improve the services we offer.  RHA is committed to doing everything possible to enhance the lives of the people we serve.  Effective regulation, monitoring, and oversight help to ensure that all individuals who choose RHA as their support provider receive the best possible services.

       RHA policies, standards, and procedures are designed to meet or exceed all relevant laws and regulations.  To ensure that we always work to maintain the highest standards of care, we have instituted the Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program.  The RHA Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of this program.   All of our employees receive annual training on this program and are expected to use the Code of Conduct as their guide when facing all professional, ethical and legal decisions.  For questions or concerns involving these decisions, RHA has established a toll-free Ethics and Compliance Helpline: 1-866-742-2428 (1-866-RHA-CHAT).  This helpline is available 24/7 with an intake worker on staff Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm EST.  If you call outside of this timeframe, you can leave a message on the helpline voicemail and someone will get back to you on the next business day.  You can also click here to complete and submit an online report about any ethics/compliance concerns.   

       RHA Health Services is accredited by the international Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).  We have adopted the Personal Outcomes system developed by the CQL as our standard in the development and evaluation of person-centered planning for the people we serve.   At RHA, being person-centered means that the people we support are the focus of all we do.  We work with people to help them create opportunities and meet their personal goals.  Our mission is to provide safe, healthy, and supportive environments that allow people to build useful skills and thrive in many areas of life including personal care, daily living, socialization, employment, and self-determination.  

Links & Resources

      Do you want to learn more about people with developmental disabilities and how you can help support their efforts to live healthier, more independent lives?  Please see below for a list of links to programs and organizations that work every day to help people with disabilities develop their talents and strengths and reach their personal goals.


        The North Carolina Providers Council 

         Direct Care Workers Association of North Carolina


         Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE)

         Disability Rights North Carolina

         Autism Society

         United Cerebral Palsy


More Coming Soon!


RHA offers services and supports to people with developmental disabilities throughout most of North Carolina and in parts of Tennessee and Georgia.  To find out more about the services we provide in your area, please contact the RHA office nearest to you.

North Carolina Locations:

CAP/C & CAP/DA Programs, Private Duty Nursing

4700 Homewood Ct., Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: (919) 803-2960
Fax: (919) 803-2963

Employment Services - Central Office

4700 Homewood Ct., Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: (919) 803-2960
Fax: (919) 803-2963

Employment Services - Eastern Office

3738 Howell Day Care Road
LaGrange, NC 28551
Phone: (919) 208-7920
Fax: (252) 566-4186

Employment Services - Western Office

5500 Executive Center, Suite 218
Charlotte, NC 28212
North Charlotte Phone: (704) 606-3967
South Charlotte Phone: (704) 614-7874
Fax: (980) 406-3962

Maiden Vocational Center

1754 GKN Way
Newton, NC 28658
Phone: (828) 428-0061
Fax: (828) 428-3600

Deep Gap Vocational Center

176 Wildcat Road
Deep Gap, NC 28618
Phone: (828) 262-5450
Fax: (828) 262-5730

Fletcher Office

145 Cane Creek Industrial Park Road,
Suite 250
Fletcher, NC 28732
Phone: (828) 684-1940
Fax: (828) 684-1553

High Point Office

1701 Westchester Drive, Suite 940
High Point, NC 27262
Phone: (336) 885-5090
Fax: (336) 885-5092

The W.A.V.E. (Wilmington Adult Vocational Enhancement)

3255 Burnt Mill Rd., Suite 5
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: (910) 251-6616
Fax: (910) 254-1118

Fayetteville Vocational Center

2248 Wingate Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone: (910) 424-2121
Fax: (910) 424-7045
Lumberton Unit Phone: (910) 483-5744

Lumberton Office

2003 Godwin Ave. Suite A
Lumberton, NC 28358
Phone: (910) 739-1468
Fax: (910) 739-6134

Maxton Vocational Center

15235 Airport Rd.
Maxton, NC 28364
Phone: (910) 844-9664
Fax: (910) 844-9668

Benson Vocational Center

501-C S. Wall Street
Benson, NC 27504
Phone: (919) 894-5124
Fax: (919) 894-1488

Creedmoor Vocational Center & Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services (DHH)

2527 E. Lyon Station Road
P.O. Box 868
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Phone: (919) 528-2558
Fax: (919) 528-2971

Statesville Vocational Center

190 Commerce Blvd.
Statesville, NC 28625
Phone: (704) 872-3257
Fax: (704) 872-3651

Cleveland Vocational Center

211 Roseman Lane
Cleveland, NC 27013
Phone: (704) 278-9681
Fax: (704) 278-4799

Gastonia Office

1564D Union Rd.
Gastonia, NC 28054
Phone: (704) 864-3450
Fax: (704) 864-2347

Shelby Vocational Center/Office

5 E. Marion Street
Suite 3
Shelby, NC 28150
(704) 482-0560
(704) 487-0540

Monroe Administrative Office

2311 Princess Kelly Way
Monroe, NC 28110
Phone: (704) 282-1408
Fax: (704) 289-4958

Morehead City Office

3820 Bridges Street, Suite B
Morehead City, NC 28557
Phone: (252) 808-0052

Anson Children's Center

383 Cotton Street
Polkton, NC 28135
Phone: (704) 272-7076
Fax: (704) 272-7105

Magnolia Place

1401 Salem Church Road
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Phone: (919) 734-9039
Fax: (919) 734-9551

Tar River Center

500 Sean Drive
Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: (252) 758-1101
Fax: (252) 758-2399


Tennessee Locations:

Chattanooga Office

2158 Northgate Park Lane
Suite 106
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Phone: (423) 876-7201
Fax: (423) 876-7205

Kingsport Office

One Sheridan Square
Suite 101
Kingsport, TN 37660
Phone: (423) 247-3335
Fax: (423) 247-3330

Knoxville Office

9041 Executive Park Drive, Suite 212
Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone: (865) 769-7491
Fax: (865) 691-5950

Nashville Office

500A Professional Park Drive
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Phone: (615) 543-2923
Fax: (615) 543-2925

Stones River Center - Murfreesboro

3350 Memorial Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615) 895-7788
Toll-Free: 855-427-8311
Fax: (615) 895-6999
For more information, please click here.


Georgia Locations: ::

Milledgeville Office

105 Fieldstone Drive
Suite 104
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
Phone: (478) 452-1100
Fax: (478) 452-1091

Augusta Office

208 Pitcarin Way, Suite C
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Do you want to make a difference in your community by helping people with disabilities live with greater opportunities and independence?  Whether you are looking for employment or just want to spend some time enriching the lives of others, RHA offers many meaningful ways that you can partner with us in our mission to provide the very best services and supports to people with disabilities. 

Looking for a job where everyday you are helping others reach their potential and meet their personal goals?  As an employee of RHA Health Services you will have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by the wonderful people we support.  Visit our Employment page to view our current job openings and find out more about the benefits and options we offer to our employees.   

Are you not looking for employment at this time but would still like to contribute your time and talents to help support people with disabilities?  If so, please visit our Volunteer & Internships page for how you can work with us through community service opportunities. 

Visit our Advocacy page to learn how you can help us advocate for positive change in the policies and laws that most impact the lives of our consumers.  You can make a difference! 

Programs & Services

RHA offers high quality services and supports that are guided by our Core Values of Passion, Accountability, Communication, and Ethics (PACE).  Our staff is some of the best trained and most dedicated in the industry.  We offer a comprehensive range of supports for people of all ages with developmental disabilities.  All RHA services are person-centered, meaning that we always strive to build support structures that are responsive to the needs and goals of the people we support.  We provide services that not only meet individual needs but also help empower the people we serve to make their own life choices - choices that are based on their own strengths, preferences, interests, and abilities.  Our aim is to foster real opportunity for people to live with increasing independence and community inclusion as they learn and develop more skills. 

To print a PDF overview of our organization and the services we offer to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, please click here. 

Below is a list of supports that we provide to people with developmental disabilities.  To view a brief description of any of our programs, please see our Service Descriptions page.

Are you looking for a particular service in your area?  Please visit our Contact page for the RHA office nearest to you. 

       Adult Developmental Vocational Programs (ADVP)

       Anson Children's Center

       Community Alternatives Program for Children & Adults (CAP/C & CAP/DA)

       Clinical Intake/Assessments

       Day Services – Support & VOCA

       Developmental Therapy

       Family & Group Living (including Alternative Family Living - AFL)

       Group Homes & Residential Centers

       Home & Community Supports

       ICF/IDD Services

       Independent Living

       Innovations Waiver Program

       Long-Term Vocational Supports

       Magnolia Place

       NC START Respite & Team

       Personal Care Services

       Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

       Residential Supports

       Respite Services

       Skilled Nursing

       Supportive Employment & Employment Services

       Targeted Case Management (TCM)

       Tar River Pediatric Center

       Vocational Rehabilitation


About Us

RHA Health Services is a multi-state company providing a comprehensive network of support services for people with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities and individuals with mental health needs or substance use challenges.  Our services are person-centered, outcome-driven and tailored to reflect our commitment to community inclusion, holistic, wrap-around support and the integrated care model.  We serve both children and adults and support every level of need.  We have programs accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  For a printable PDF overview of the I/DD programs offered by RHA Health Services, please click here.

Founded in 1991, RHA began as a small cluster of ICF group homes in North Carolina.  Over the years, RHA has grown into a leading service provider with over 5,000 employees across North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Utah.  We now offer everything from supported living, CAP programs, and employment services for people with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities to a broad range of evidence-based clinical services, prevention and recovery programs, outpatient care and crisis services for individuals with behavioral health needs.

RHA is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities as they strive for increasing independence, personal growth and opportunities in their communities.  The guiding principle of RHA behavioral health programs is that every individual is unique and, therefore, every path to recovery and wellness is unique.  Our approach to care puts the needs of the people and communities we serve at the center of every decision.


RHA serves all patients regardless of inability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income. For more information, please contact the unit nearest you. Thank you.


Esta practica sirve a todos los pacientes, independientemente de la incapacidad de pago. Descuentos para los servicios esenciales son ofrecidos dependiendo de tamano de la familia y de los ingresos. Usted puede solicitar un descuento en la recepcion o visita nuestro sitio web.


RHA Health Services is required by law to take reasonable steps to ensure the privacy of your personally identifiable health information, inform you about your privacy rights and disclosure of this information, and describe how you can gain access to your protected health information. Please click here to read our NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES. If you have any questions, please contact either the Qualified Professional (QP) assigned to you or our Privacy Officer, who can be reached at 828-232-6844 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00.

Our Corporate Office:

RHA Health Services
17 Church Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Office Phone: (828) 232 - 6844
Fax: (828) 232 - 6845

Please do not call the corporate office number for the coordination of services.  Please refer to the locations listed on our Contact page to coordinate services in your area.  Thank you!